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what kind of coverage is available?

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A Plan to Fit Every RV and Budget

Multiple levels of coverage help RV owners find the coverage (and price) that works for them, and our interest-free payment plan options give them the flexibility they need for their budget. Cost for coverage depends on:
  • make/model of RV
  • Mileage and age
  • The deductible you choose
  • Any additional coverage you add to your plan
You may also receive a lower price based on the payment plan you choose—plans paid in full generally cost less than plans paid in installments. To find out more about pricing, click here or call 1-844-200-7314.

Deductible Explained

A deductible is a feature that is universal to RV warranty and RV insurance plans. When you visit a repair facility, you will pay the deductible directly to the repair center. This deductible is a fraction of the cost of many major repairs which are covered by ARW’s plans.

ARW offers plans with deductibles of $100, $250, $500, and $1000. A higher deductible means less expensive coverage but more money spent at each service center visit.

The deductible is charged per visit to the service center, not per item. This means that if your RV enters the shop needing multiple repairs, you will still only pay the deductible once on that visit.
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Need Extra Coverage?

Whether you need tire and wheel coverage, roadside assistance, power surge, or even consequential loss, ARW has you covered. To see what’s offered, click on the type of coverage you need above and look under the “Optional Coverage” tab.

RVers Get More With ARW

America’s RV Warranty does everything we can to give our RVers total peace of mind for their RV and travels. That’s why we go beyond a traditional RV extended warranty:

  • Our dedicated account managers make it quick and easy to get in touch with someone who can help.
  • Our coverage is fully transferable from RV to RV and from owner to owner.
  • You can use your plan at any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada.
  • We pay retail for new parts (some companies only pay the cost of used or refurbished parts)
  • RV insurance is also available from ARW, so you can fulfill all your coverage needs right here.

ARW also offers additional benefits ranging from free financial tools to telemedical services. Check out our Member Benefits page for more information. 

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