Member Benefits

ARW goes beyond warranty coverage by providing you with free and discounted services that save money and make your life easier both on and off the road.

RV and Auto Insurance (and more!)

America’s RV Warranty can help you compare quotes for homeowners, auto, condo and renters coverage from over 20 different insurance carriers. Our expert agents will help you choose the right coverage for the right price.

Harvest Host

Enjoy scenic beauty and adventure off the beaten path. Harvests Hosts provides RV camping at 2190+ wineries, breweries, farms, and attractions that invite RVers to stay overnight!

Pet Benefits

We love our pets, but they can be expensive! Our pet benefit saves you 25% off in-house medical services at participating veterinarians. Plus, you’ll get access to a 24-hour pet hotline and discounts at 250,000 retailers nationwide.

Vision and Dental Discounts

Routine trips to the dentist and eye doctor help your family stay healthy. These easy-to-use programs are designed to instantly save you money right in the provider’s office.

Dental Insurance

With a network of over 85,000 dental offices across the country, getting the right care is easy and convenient with 100% covered preventive care and no need to submit claim forms.

Vision Insurance

Offset the expense of eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses with a nationwide network of eye care centers and deep discounts.

River Primary Care

River is a fantastic subscription service for your everyday health needs. With River, you can see a doctor when you’re sick, get prescription refills, selected labs, birth control, nutritionist appointments, and more for just $35/month.

Emergency Alert Network

When the unexpected occurs, EAN works with emergency services to provide personnel with vital medical information and alert those closest to you. EAN’s emergency service works around the clock.

Emergency Transport Coverage

Many Americans believe that their health insurance policies cover their ambulance expenses. That’s usually not the case. MASA MTS provides financial protection for lifesaving emergency transportation services.

Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental insurance is designed to pay a fixed benefit amount for certain critical illnesses, like a heart attack or cancer, and for hospital confinement due to a covered accident or sickness.

Whole Life Insurance

Give a gift for a lifetime and protect your family. Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy guaranteed for the insured’s lifetime with consistent premiums and a guaranteed return on the policy’s cash value.

Accidental Death Insurance

While you cannot predict when accidents happen, you can be prepared for them. This policy is an extra layer of protection for your loved ones.

Cyber ID Protection

Identity theft is a growing problem in the US, with new threats occurring daily. Protect your devices, your identity, and your bank accounts with this service.


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