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An extended warranty protects RV owners from unexpected costs when something breaks down. RVs are expensive investments, and repairs on them can be equally expensive. Our warranties give RV owners peace of mind by covering those repair costs and getting them back on the road.

We cover all the essential mechanical parts, systems, and appliances that keep your RV functioning, from the motor and transmission to the septic, refrigerator, AC, and fresh water system.

An RV has all the potential issues of a house and a vehicle, so it's no surprise that even well-constructed RVs commonly break down.

Approximately 30% of RVs will break down within two years of use. Almost 80% will need repairs by their fifth year of operation, and almost all RVs will break down within ten years.

Here are a few quick reasons why we think we're the clear choice for RV owners:

  1. We are a partner, not just a broker, with our plan administrator. This means we work closely with them to ensure that customers receive the coverage that they purchased as quickly, conveniently, and transparently as possible.
  2. Our plans include roadside assistance at no extra charge.
  3. Our plans are backed by an A-rated insurance company.
  4. Our customers can use any repair facility in the US or Canada, and we pay the facility directly without rate negotiation.
  5. No RV inspection is needed to begin coverage. Companies often use the inspection as a way to deny claims later.
  6. We provide dedicated account managers, not just pushy salespeople, to ensure quality and transparency throughout your coverage.

America's RV Warranty provides coverage that is backed by an A-rated insurance company.

Beware of RV warranty companies who offer coverage backed by risk retention groups. These companies could go out of business and leave you without coverage or a refund. By choosing a company with coverage that is backed by an insurance company, you can rest assured that you're covered for the long term.

The term "extended" means that the coverage lasts for much longer than a manufacturer's warranty.

Technically, extended warranties are not warranties—they are service agreements. Warranties can only be offered by the product's manufacturer. However, they function just like a warranty does and cover the same things a warranty covers, so throughout the RV world they are known as extended warranties.

RV Extended warranties and RV insurance cover different issues with your RV. In simplest terms, insurance covers accidents and damage, while warranties cover failures and breakdowns.

For more information, read our blog post on the subject.

Manufacturer's warranties cover different items for different lengths of time, so you might need coverage earlier than you think. RV extended warranties cover all items for the duration of the plan, so purchasing while you still have manufacturer's coverage helps you avoid a lapse in coverage.

Also, by purchasing coverage while your manufacturer's warranty is still in effect, you can lock in a better rate since your RV is still new. This can save a lot of money even down the road.

Yes! Each warranty plan comes with a number of benefits for your RV, including things like roadside assistance, towing, 24/7 concierge service, and travel expense reimbursement.

In addition, your plan includes free enrollment in Emergency Alert Network and Money Tips, programs that protect your wallet and your loves ones. Visit our Benefits page for more information.

You can use any licensed repair facility in the US or Canada. If your vehicle is disabled at the campground or roadside, we can tow it or you can use a mobile mechanic—we'll even pay the service fee to the mobile mechanic.

We walk you through the steps on our Claims page.

If you have an emergency after regular business hours, you can call our 24/7 concierge service to receive roadside assistance. They will also help you to submit a claim online.

Nope. We pay the repair facility directly for any covered repairs.

No. The deductible is charged per claim, which is essentially per visit to the repair facility.

If you go in for repairs, whether you need one covered item repaired or ten, you'll pay the same deductible.

Yes! If your RV or tow vehicle breaks down roadside or is immobile in a campground or RV Park, we'll tow it to the nearest RV repair center.

America's RV Warranty protects against breakdowns, so we're here for you when the unexpected happens. Preventing those issues is the RV owner's responsibility, and maintenance is the best protection against breakdowns in the first place.

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