Save on Travel Trailer Insurance by shopping multiple companies

These days, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and other towable RVs (recreational vehicles) are a big investment. Travel trailer insurance protects that investment when accidents happen. 

While you aren’t legally required to carry insurance on a towable RV, the extra protection offered by RV insurance coverage is often worth the cost. Our licensed insurance agent experts can help you get the best RV insurance quote for your needs.

Types of Towable Coverage

Many RV owners ask “do you need insurance on a travel trailer?” 

Insurance isn’t required by law for travel trailers. Liability coverage is required on the vehicle that tows the RV, meaning your auto insurance policy will cover the basic legal minimum (which can vary by state).

Many RV owners opt for additional RV insurance, especially if the travel trailer or towable RV is valuable or carries valuable belongings


Liability insurance covers the cost of property damage, bodily injury, and sometimes legal fees for an accident that you cause. Liability insurance only covers these costs for other parties to the accident—they will not cover the cost of damage to your vehicle or bodily injury to yourself.

Liability insurance comes with a maximum payout, which may or may not need to be increased when you consider adding a travel trailer behind your car or truck. Your basic car insurance policy may have a maximum that is too low. Travel trailer insurance can add to that liability maximum.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage protects you from non-accident damage to your RV, including fire, theft, vandalism, and acts of nature such as damage from animals, weather, or even flooding.


Collision coverage protects you against the costs of damages to your RV resulting from an accident. This coverage applies even if the accident is your fault.

Optional RV Insurance Coverages:

These add-ons help RV owners fine-tune their coverage to fit their needs exactly.

Total Loss Replacement

This add-on typically applies to RVs that are less than 5 model years old. If your travel trailer is totaled or stolen, this add-on will essentially pay the replacement cost of the vehicle.

Full-time Coverage

When you live in your RV year-round, it becomes your home. Full-time coverage helps extend the types of protections typically available through homeowner’s insurance to your travel trailer or fifth wheel.

Personal Belongings

When personal belongings stored in your RV are damaged or stolen, This add-on covers expenses related to replacing them.

Emergency Expense Coverage

When your RV is disabled far from home, this add-on helps cover the cost of meals, lodging, and transportation.

Towing and Roadside Assistance

Most RV owners are familiar with towing and roadside assistance—it can often be purchased with an RV warranty, an RV insurance policy, or even as a standalone policy.

Towing coverage helps cover the cost to tow your RV to a repair facility when it breaks down or is inoperable. Roadside assistance is a package of products and services that assist RV owners when they have trouble with their RV on the road.

Every insurance company offers a slightly different roadside assistance package, so check the features when comparing quotes from one insurance agency to another.

Travel Trailer Insurance by RV Type

5th Wheel Trailer

The largest and most expensive towable RVs, fifth wheel trailers often have lots of amenities typically found in motorhomes. The increased value of these vehicles makes it all the more important to be covered by travel trailer insurance when something bad happens.

Travel Trailer

While they come in all shapes and sizes, many travel trailers are fairly large and feature household appliances and slide-out rooms. RV owners benefit from comprehensive and collision coverage when accidents or unfortunate events occur on the road or when parked.

Toy Hauler

Apart from their living quarters, toy haulers feature a garage and loading ramp that allows for the safe storage of expensive things like ATVs, dirt bikes, canoes, kayaks, and more. Some of the items typically stored in a toy hauler qualify as personal belongings. If these items are stolen or damaged in a wreck, they could be expensive to replace.

Pop-up Camper

Pop-up campers are smaller and less expensive, meaning they are less expensive to insure.

Cargo and Horse Trailer

Cargo and horse trailers are designed to carry heavy loads, and can be expensive to repair or replace. Inexpensive travel trailer insurance can provide peace of mind for many trailer owners.


How much is travel trailer insurance?

One of the most common questions we hear is, “How much does travel trailer insurance cost?”

What does travel trailer insurance cover?

Depending on the type of coverage, travel trailer insurance can cover damage and bodily injury costs from accidents. It also covers damage to your RV from fire, theft, vandalism, and natural causes such as wildlife and high winds

What does RV insurance not cover?

RV insurance, including travel trailer insurance, does not cover mechanical breakdown, wear and tear, or maintenance costs such as oil changes or replacing worn tires.

Damage caused intentionally by the owner or damage resulting from use outside the terms of the policy (like racing or stunt driving) are also not covered.

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